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  • How do I prevent the top window sash from sliding down as it ages?

    It is common for the springs inside of window tracks to lose some tension as they age which can allow the top window sash to slide down over the bottom sash if it is unlocked. Fortunately, this is an issue that can be easily corrected if it occurs. If you remove the window sash, most

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  • What do I do about windows sticking?

    If a window “sticks” to its frame rather than opening or closing easily, you can try applying a smoothing a very thin layer of wax or paraffin to the affected area. This will often reduce the friction between the window and its frame. Related

  • My windows have condensation. What do I do about this?

    Condensation is a natural condition that does not necessarily indicate a defect with the window. It’s caused by the combination of high humidity in the home and low temperatures outside. However, condensation should never occur between the glass panels of double-paned windows. In this case, condensation does indicate a flaw in the seal of the

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  • How do I maintain the hardware on my windows?

    You should be cleaning the hardware on your windows regularly, including providing lubrication to locks and other moving parts. Be sure to carefully follow manufacturers’ instructions when cleaning hardware surfaces because some finishes can be damaged due to certain finishes and protective coatings. In these cases, manufacturers will provide special instructions. Related

  • Do wood windows require special maintenance?

    Just as with doors, wood windows that are exposed to the elements should be painted or coated with a wood preservative to protect them from moisture or other damage. Note that special attention will need to be given to the joints where the sides of the window frame meet the window. Storm windows should be

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  • How should windows be maintained?

    As your windows age, regularly check for and replace deteriorating caulking around the edges, broken or cracked glass, and damaged or missing screens. Ensure that weatherstripping remains secure to protect against outdoor elements. Clean windows regularly according to their material and finish. Aluminum window surfaces can be cleaned with simply warm water. Note that aluminum

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  • I'm considering tinting my windows. What should I know?

    Before making the decision to tint any windows, check over both your manufacturer’s and builder’s guidelines. Some warranties become automatically voided upon tinting. Related

  • Why should I choose an energy-efficient window or door?

    Energy-efficiency is a growing and powerful trend in commercial and home-building as owners are realizing the cost-saving benefits of these products. Mississippi Window & Door stands by the energy-efficiency ratings of the lines we offer, and we encourage you to consider this smart, economic attribute when selecting the right products for your project. Related

  • Are all of your products covered by warranties?

    Absolutely. Every brand we carry has been selected for its attention to quality, craftsmanship and durability, which allows them to offer some of the best warranties in the business. Whether you purchase your home or commercial accessories with us or not, it’s important that you take the time to learn about the warranties guaranteed by

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